Risk Factors

Risk factors. Just about anyone can experience back pain, children and adults alike. Certain factors increase the risks of people developing back pain over time. These factors are known as risk factors. They are inclusive but not limited to the following; Occupational Activities:Your occupation could constitute a risk factor to back pain. This factor is especially real for office and […]

Symptoms of Back Pain.

Symptoms of Back Pain. The primary symptom or sign of back pain is aching in any region of the back. Sometimes, this aching could transcend to the legs and buttocks. You are likely experiencing backache if you notice any of the following symptoms; Muscle Ache:Sharp or mild pains in the muscles around the back could be an indication of back […]

Types of Back Pain

There are two significant types of back pain based on the region of the back affected by the pain. These pain types are; Lower Back Pain (LBP):Lower back pain is perhaps the most common type of pain. It may be associated with the bony lumbar spine, spinal cord, nerves, lower back muscles, discs between the vertebrae, internal pelvic organs, abdominal […]

What is back pain?

As the name connotes, back pain is any form of pain experienced around the region of the back. One of the common reasons why many workers miss work and seek medical attention is on account of back pain. The experience can be both debilitating and uncomfortable. Back pain can be as a result of injuries, bad posture, medical conditions, aging, […]

Risks and Reasons for Back Pain

Statistical analysis reports that around 540 million people in the world experience back pain at every given moment. This data accounts for roughly 10 percent of the world’s populace. Back pain may not be a chronic disease like HIV and AIDS or kill as swiftly as the Ebola virus, but it is in no way a preferable alternative.Further research on […]

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