Risk Factors

Risk Factors

Risk factors.

Just about anyone can experience back pain, children and adults alike. Certain factors increase the risks of people developing back pain over time. These factors are known as risk factors. They are inclusive but not limited to the following;

  1. Occupational Activities:
    Your occupation could constitute a risk factor to back pain. This factor is especially real for office and field workers who spend their day hunched over desks or work surfaces. The posture they adapt strains the back, causing pains to develop over time. The pain could begin during working or retirement
  1. Pregnancy:
    Pregnancy in women is another underlying risk factor which contributes to back pain. The pain could result from the activities of hormones or the changes experienced during the cause of pregnancy.
  1. Sedentary Lifestyle:
    Back pain is probably the highest payback for a life of no exercises. Living a sedentary lifestyle increases your risk of developing back pain. Unused and weak muscles in the abdomen and back could lead to back pain.
  1. Poor Physical Fitness:
    A state of poor physical fitness also contributes to back pain. Keeping fit is critical to maintaining a healthy back.
  1. Older Age:
    As people grow with age, their chances of developing back pain increases as a result of certain factors like previous occupation, aging of the spine, medical problems, etc. Data analysis postulate that around the period of 30 to 40 years of age, back pain becomes more common in people.
  1. Obesity and Excess Weight:
    Obesity and excess weight constitute a significant strain on the spine which could lead to back pain.
  1. Smoking:
    One of the many aftereffects of smoking is chronic back pain. Smoking decreases the flow of blood to the lower region of the spine. Smoking can prevent the disks of the back from getting enough nutrients from the body. Also, smoking decreases the rate of healing. So, not only are smokers liable to die young, they exhibit higher tendencies of contacting back pain.
  1. Strenuous Physical Exercise or Work, Especially If Done Incorrectly:
    Doing physical exercises or demanding work in the wrong posture is guaranteed to lead to back pain. The wrong position would mean using your back instead of your legs while lifting objects.
  1. Genetic Factors:
    Back pain could also result from genetical factors. There are increased chances of one getting back pain if it runs in the family.
  1. Medical Conditions, Such as Arthritis and Cancer:
    Medical conditions could also be the reason for back pain. Illnesses such as specific types of arthritis and cancer constitute pains in the back. Pains which occur due to these conditions get alleviated through medical procedures.
  1. Psychological conditions:
    People who usually experience bouts of anxiety and depression have higher tendencies of experiencing back pain.

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