Symptoms of Back Pain.

Symptoms of Back Pain.

Symptoms of Back Pain.

The primary symptom or sign of back pain is aching in any region of the back. Sometimes, this aching could transcend to the legs and buttocks.

You are likely experiencing backache if you notice any of the following symptoms;

  1. Muscle Ache:
    Sharp or mild pains in the muscles around the back could be an indication of back pain.
  2. Shooting or Stabbing Pain:
    Any jolt of pain shooting the back could be a symptom of back pain.
  3. Pain that radiates down your leg:
    Any form of pain shooting down the legs could point at possible back pain; which could be as a result of compression of nerves in the back.
  4. Pain that worsens with bending, lifting, standing or walking:
    If you experience any pain which worsens when you take on tasks which include hiking, lifting or standing up, chances are it could be back pain.
  5. Pain that improves with reclining:
    Any pain which lessens or feels better when you recline your body is a possible indicator of back pain.

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